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Top 5 Free Data Recovery Programs

Files can get lost from a computer or any other device due to different reasons which could either be accidental deletion, virus attacks or operating system error. There are professionals who know how to retrieve these files, but it is also possible for you do it by yourself with a powerful data recovery program. The […]

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Can You Trust Your Backups Infographic

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Can I Recover Lost Pictures From My Digital Camera?

You have recently filled your camera with beautiful pictures of your trip and soon you come to know that the pictures have been deleted from the camera! What will you do other than freaking out? The memory cards of the digital camera works same as the hard drives of the computer. Thus, you do not […]

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Five Tips For Data Recovery

For a regular user of computer systems, such as students, businessmen, and accountants, the loss of data can be quite a painful experience. Nobody likes losing his or her personal data, which cannot be brought back. Losing important data can cause a lot of trouble to students and small companies. It can make them feel […]

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Why Virtualization Has Improved Data Recovery Techniques

  Virtualization has had a significant impact on increasing both the effectiveness and efficiency of data recovery techniques. While virtualization of computers began way back in the 1960s, the technologies associated with virtualization data recovery have seen significant improvements over the last 5-10 years. These advanced technologies have brought about a wide array of strong […]

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Backup Software: Crucial or Useless?

As per the NFPA or National Fire Protection Association, majority of the businesses can fail if they do not maintain the important files or records of the organization. Backup software is the most important aspect for any business as it acts like insurance. If any individual or any business does not have any backup then […]

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Can They Really Do Tape Media Recovery?

The usage as tapes for storing and recovery of data is dated way back in the decades. Tape media recovery is a robust and solid medium to store data at a less cost than the hard disk method. These days, the prices of the hard disks are reaching heights and it is difficult for many […]

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What Kind Of Company To Call For Boston Data Salvage

Data recovery is known as a process by which the important files can be restores on any storage medium so that it can be recovered and used later. It is fortunate that there is no an industry that helps to solve this problem for the people. One can make use of SD card, SSD solid […]

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What Can Be Recovered From A Damaged Hard Drive?

For any person who uses his or her computer on daily or regular basis, the data stored in the computer holds great importance. The tons of information, which includes documents, zip files, and even music and movies are stored in the internal hard disk drive of the computer. But, what happens if the internal hard […]

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