Can I Recover Lost Pictures From My Digital Camera?

You have recently filled your camera with beautiful pictures of your trip and soon you come to know that the pictures have been deleted from the camera! What will you do other than freaking out? The memory cards of the digital camera works same as the hard drives of the computer. Thus, you do not have to worry as you can now recover lost pictures from the memory cards too. In this article, we shall check out some simple tips of how to get back the images when erased accidently.

Restoring pictures from camera


There are some cameras that come with undelete feature, however these can be found less. One of the simplest ways of recovering the pictures is by using some reliable software. You can find many restoring packages on the internet, however choosing the exclusive one can be problematic. Make to use software that will not erase or format the pictures on the memory card. Following are the cases when you might need software to recover lost pictures.

  • Deleting of pictures accidently
  • Damage of corruption of the device
  • Taking out memory card while the camera is on
  • Switching off the camera when writing process if going on
  • Formatting the memory card.

Try to select recovery software that can recover pictures different media including micro drive, smart card, compact flash card, multimedia card, SD card, USB drives, zip disk and hard drives.

Easy tricks to apply for preventing loss of pictures

No software gives you guarantee that there will be 100% recovery of the pictures. Hence, keeping a few tips in mind related to the memory cards can save your images on digital camera.

  • Purchase memory cards of reliable brands: Don’t get cheap cards if you are getting them at inexpensive prices. Try to perform some research before you buy the cards, you can even ask professionals for help regarding this.
  • Get backup done for your cards: After you get the portable card, you need to backup the card with all the pictures. There are USB readers available at low cost, you can get them and backup all the pictures on the laptop and computer.
  • Labelling the cards: You can get sticker labels and stick on to the memory cards by writing the name on it. This will help you in reusing the cards again and again and you will not lose the pictures.
  • Dual slots for memory cards: If you have a digital camera you can find two slots. Here you should use identical cards in the backup mode so that you can easily recover lost pictures at a later stage.
  • Formatting the memory cards: You should remember that the card should be formatted after every use. Follow this process- use, backup and format. This is the easiest way by which you will never lose the images of the digital camera.

Don’t forget the above tips while you are using a camera, small tips can help you avoid a big trauma.

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