Can They Really Do Tape Media Recovery?

The usage as tapes for storing and recovery of data is dated way back in the decades. Tape media recovery is a robust and solid medium to store data at a less cost than the hard disk method. These days, the prices of the hard disks are reaching heights and it is difficult for many people to buy them. And so, the storage option in the form of tapes is getting popular again as it is low priced and also in demand in terms of resilience. People who were technology enthusiasts few decades ago know very well about tape media recovery. In earlier days, the hard disks used to have less space, they were expensive and also unreliable; hence tapes were used to get back the data at a fast pace.


Eventually, there was a near line storage that became popular and it still is used. In previous days, there was a procedure to recover files. For instance, a request was to be sent to the computer operator. And this process used to take a bit of time. Nevertheless, after some time it was replaced with a robotic tape which could be managed mechanically. Again in few months the system turned as hierarchical storage management which let the users save more.

The small systems looked good, but were expanded and there was then a technical use of the systems. During the age of 90s, the HSM was demanded commonly and was used as the major tape media recovery system.

Difference of tape storage from the disk

Besides the differences in material and technology, one cannot find major differences between hard disk and the tapes. Both the systems make use of magnetism process to encrypt the data which was saved on any medium. However, the major difference is in the usage and implementation which can be portrayed in the physical look of the two systems.

If someone asks you a short difference between the hard disk and tape media recovery then you can say that tape is sequential medium while the disk can be considered as random access medium. Going into the depth of the same, the disks can be formatted in advance while the tape can be written smoothly. Sequential form of the tape can be looked at the physical form; it will be narrow and long. In order to record the data and then recover it, there is a requirement of right position for spinning.


The rape recovery plays a vital role in the protection of data and is used in long term process of storing all the important stuff and critical data. Tapes have crossed over various challenges and till date they are considered to be the best option for data recovery. In addition to this, there are various companies nowadays who provide services related to the tape data recovery system. If you do not have much time then you can avail these services and make your task simpler. Browse for a reliable company and complete your task in very less time directly from the experts.

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