What Can Be Recovered From A Damaged Hard Drive?

For any person who uses his or her computer on daily or regular basis, the data stored in the computer holds great importance. The tons of information, which includes documents, zip files, and even music and movies are stored in the internal hard disk drive of the computer. But, what happens if the internal hard disk drive of the computer gets damaged. Crashing of hard disk drive is not an unusual thing. Every hard drive has a certain life, and after that it is bound to get damaged. As a result, users should always keep a backup of their hard disk drive on regular basis.

However, not everyone has an external hard disk drive or another computer system to keep a backup of their primary HDD. Considering the fact that a hard disk drive can crash down anytime, it is essential to know about what can be recovered from a damaged hard drive. So, what can be retrieved from the damaged piece of hardware? Let’s find out.

Recovery Possible from Damaged Hard Drive


As a matter of fact, any kind of hard drive has the same concept of memory partitions or blocks. When the connection between the partitions breaks apart then the information stored in those blocks turns out to be inaccessible. Hence, with the help of data recovery software, one can easily recover the files that are of small size. For example, through the assistance of data recovery application, it is easier to bring back the lost word document files, excel sheets, images, and other such small size files. You can also easily get back your favorite music files. But, in case you are looking to recover movie files that go up 800 or 900 MB, then it may be a bit difficult. Even if you recover the video file successfully, it may happen that the video file would not run smoothly.

In addition, there is one more thing you need to be aware of. Recovering the lost files is not as simple as it may sound. Once the hard drive gets damaged or corrupted then the files stored inside it also gets messy. In other words, the data recovery program will not be able to recover your lost files in the same way as you had them originally. Even if your old hard drive was containing separate folders for pictures, videos, and documents, the recovered files would be actually a mixture of them. You would get them with the same filenames either. Even the filenames may get changed during the process of recovering the data from the damaged hard drive.

Get a reliable program for data recovery

The ability to recover different types of files with greater amount of accuracy varies from data recovery program to program. For this reason, before purchasing any such application, or downloading a free version, make sure to check out the specifications. In addition, also make sure the application does not contain any kind of malware of spyware. Hence, it is essential to check out the reviews of the users.

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